Whale watching in Tenerife

Things to do in Tenerife

Tenerife is a great holiday destination for all those who are looking for a nice place in Europe where the sun always shines. In addition to a great selection of 5-star hotels, the island offers a wide range of excursions, with whale watching and boat hire being among the highlights of things to do.

Boat tours from Puerto Colón

The most well-known port in the south of Tenerife is called Puerto Colón. From here, numerous boats depart daily on tours. On Tenerife’s whale watching tours you will go in search of whales and dolphins in the wild. 

Whale watching without disturbing animals

While spotting these beautiful animals they will not disturb them and the main goal is to observe the animals while respecting nature. The boats that offer these excursions must therefore have a Blue Flag, which is issued by the Canary Islands authorities to boats that have the correct licenses. 

Choosing a whale watching tour

In Tenerife you have a very wide range of different boat trips. You can choose a larger boat or a smaller boat for people who are looking for more privacy. If you are looking for an overview of the boats with a blue flag that organise excursions, it is best to look up the details online first. For example, we found a tour company based in Tenerife called Club Canary that specialises in boat trips. Club Canary has a special selection of the most popular whale watching tours in Tenerife, where you will find reviews and clear boat descriptions.

Freebird Catamaran in Tenerife

Private boat trips

In Tenerife, you have the opportunity to hire a beautiful boat including a captain by the hour. This is suitable for people who are looking for a boat trip with only their own company. 

Places to travel to

When you hire a boat, you have the option of putting together your dream trip. You can look for whales and dolphins for which 3-4 hours is the perfect length. If you rent a boat for longer than 4 hours, you might want to go along the coastline and discover places from the ocean such as Los Gigantes and Masca. 

Choosing a boat to hire

Renting a boat in Tenerife is not cheap, therefore it is important to research the boat and the provider first.

A safe choice is to contact the company Club Canary. Club Canary offers a wide range of sailing boats, motor yachts and catamarans for hire with captain. 

The great thing is that they have different price selections to fit any budget, and you can easily add upgrades or extra hours per boat. In addition, the company offers the option to make reservations with only a down payment and the possibility to cancel free of charge up to a few days before departure. 

The wide selection of boats for hire can be found here: https://clubcanary.com/tenerife-boat-hire/

Luxury yacht charter

Book your holiday in time

With a wide range of activities and good weather all year round, Tenerife is a very popular holiday destination. Many hotels and even activities are booked up for a long period, so it is advisable to book your holiday and activities in advance. 

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